Arsenal News: Wenger tops England in managerial rich list

| March 20, 2012 | 22 Comments

According to a list compiled by France Football, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is surprisingly the highest paid manager in England with an annual salary of £7.5m.

Considering his competition in Roberto Mancini, manager of mega-rich Manchester City, and Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of the highly successful Manchester United, many would not have expected the Frenchman to top England’s list.

Mancini only just sneaks into the international top-ten with £5m a year which is a massive surprise given the wages paid out by City to the likes of Carlos Tevez, while Sir Alex Ferguson comes in at 7th raking with a modest but respectable £6.7m.

In terms of the international scene more predictably Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho is the highest paid manager in the world on bringing in £12.3m a year.

The Portugese manager is followed closely by Carlo Ancelotti who was recently appointed manager of PSG, a club definitely not lacking in the financial department.

What are your guys reactions of relative wages of the world’s top paid managers? Feel free to leave a comment below.

The full list reads:

Jose Mourinho (Real Madrid) – £12.3m
Carlo Ancelotti (PSG) – £11.2m
Pep Guardiola (Barcelona) – £8m
Arsene Wenger (Arsenal) – £7.5m
Guus Hiddink (Anzhi) – £7.1m
Fabio Capello (Ex-England) – £7.1m
Sir Alex Ferguson (Man Utd) – £6.7m
Dick Advocaat (Russia) – £5.8m
Jose Camacho (China) – £5.1m
Roberto Mancini (Man City) – £5m

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  • Dan T

    It makes perfect sense that Wenger makes this amount. He makes by far the most money for the business he works for.

    • northlondonboy

      is being a football manager about making money or winning trophies?

      • Richard

        So how come no Manager works for free?

  • Phil S Aazu

    I think Arsene Wenger deserve it, looking at the excellent structure he had put in place in this club. Mourinho, Ancelloti are been paid base on their past glory, sir Alex deserve more.

    • northlondonboy

      managers should be judged on what they do on the pitch and not off it, and definitely not by the business acument

  • Youssef

    If you consider only trophies, it’s clear that Sir AF deserves more. but if you look at the business achivement, AW deserve his salary.
    During the last 7 years, he didn’t win anything. Fact but before that he won every thing nationaly and he had put Arsenal as 3rd successful club in England. moreover, he helped management to build a new stadium, a new medical facilities, a new training ground.
    Sir Alex Fergusson has achieved magnificent results but the Manchester United are in big debt. but HE deserve more for sure.
    Pep Guardiola should earn more money, it’s evident for me…

  • http://facebook martin

    He is lucky to get that amount of money coz he doesn’t fare well wen it comes to results

  • adesokan christopher ayobamy

    why is wenger not buying and is earning that amount,as the highest paid manager in ENGLAND and third in the world behind MOURINHO,and ANCHELOTTI.he should just increase the wages of these players and also big signings.

  • Toye

    But if he is paid that kind of money why he has been refusing to pay big money in the transfar market and even our players

  • Francis Angrey

    All said and done, he hugely deserves his pay.


    Based on Arsenal PLC results AW deserves a ‘banker’s bonus’

    • northlondonboy

      not based on the league table which is what really matters

  • northlondonboy

    Think that anyone who earns that kind of money should do so as a result of what they do on the pitch and not off it. His role as manager is to concentrate purely on football matters. We have directors and other people at the club who can handle the financial side of things. He gets paid that much only because he brings in more money to the shareholders at the expense of winning trophies and what the fans want. No doubt he’s a top manager, but £7.5mill, really ? that’s more then our star player persie gets. which successful team do you know of pays it’s manager more money then it’s star player?

    • Youssef

      Real Madrid for example. and it’s AW who made RVP and he also made Henry, and all the other stars… it’s not like AW bought RVP when he was a star in another club. and moreover, all the Arsenal fans were asking to sell RVP 15 months ago since he was injured !!!!
      AW makes all the Arsenal heros when they were nothing before. keep that in mind

    • Ramsey

      Put Some Perspective In Urr Comment Please…

    • Mcarsenal

      Barca and real madrid messe n ronaldo pocket more than their coach

  • Uk

    D market is inflated bla bla bla. Its not so wen he’s selling our star players 4good money or when he’s taking his fat salary. Hypocrite

    • Theoo

      Urr A Fool.

      • Uk

        &ur wengers ass wipe.

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  • Tomo

    Is this the same Arsene Wenger who moans to the press money is ruining the game ?
    The same Arsene Wenger who attacks other clubs like Manchester City.

    The same Arsene Wenger who critisizes players who have ambition and leave Arsenal ?

    Hypocrite of the highest order.