Wenger: They have enough Arsenal players at City now!

| April 7, 2012 | 9 Comments

The idea that Arsenal is a feeder club has become somewhat of a reality in recent seasons, particularly when looking at Manchester City with many of Arsenal’s top up-and-coming players making the move to the Etihad.

The ridiculous amounts of funds that City possess seems to be the main luring point for many players, with most recent departure Samir Nasri reportedly choosing City over United due to the highly inflated salary on offer.


Now coming up to the next transfer window, transfer rumours are starting to hot up again with Arsenal talisman Robin van Persie now being linked with a move to the Etihad.

Wenger in response although was quoted as saying by The Daily Mail:

Already, it is Adebayor, Kolo Touré, Clichy, Nasri. They have Vieira there, that’s five … Brian Marwood, Brian Kidd … he played for Arsenal. David Platt, yes. That’s eight!

They have enough players there now. Am I flattered? More worried. But it’s a little bit of a normal process.

Van Persie and Manchester City? The question cannot be asked because you cannot contact  anybody who’s under contract.

There is no doubt these one-way transfers to Manchester City need to stop, but to compete with the resources they have available is impossible. Club loyalty seems to be becoming a diminishing trait of modern footballers and therefore City will always be able to lure top-class players with the bags of cash they can offer.

With the Financial fair-play rules set to be implemented soon, it does give hope to clubs with a more sensible self-sustaining business structure. But as we have already seen City will always try to find a loop-hole in the system, most recently being their ridiculously inflated £400m contract with closely associated airline Etihad. Do you think UEFA put their foot down on these improper transactions? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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  • Chiang Mai Steve

    The same money that turned Samir Nasri’s head will turn UEFA’s heads every time. Watch the upcoming semi final in the Champions league. If it even looks like Barcelona will miss out on the final Chelsea will see red or will see penalties awarded. I know RvP agrees!

  • Menace

    UEFA put their foot down????? More like open their pockets with big eyes and a vivid imagination. There seems to be no morality left in football. Thank God they stopped the game when Muamba collapsed. That might not happen if more money is involved in result gambling.

    The way Barcelona is being cheated into the finals is an absolute traversty – there seems to be no embarassment from any of the parties.

    The greatest protest would be an empty Stamford Bridge for the Barcelona game – it wont happen because there is hope (false maybe) for a fair game.

    As much as Chelsea dont deserve anything because of their purchasing glory (not dissimilar to Barcelona, Real Madrid and City), I would like to see Barcelona lose.

    • venky

      you forgot Manu mate, they too only buy success

  • Mwangi Nakuru kenya.

    Arsenal playes may not be earning like man city players but they have the pride of appreciation and certainity in their careers. See whats happening to Adebayo now he is being tossed betwean clubs like a homeless lad. I can imagine his frustrations. Van persie needs to stay where he is valued.

  • Raybien

    ι†s αℓℓ about †нє money now ιη football

  • segcy

    do we need to force RVP to stay? if he want to go let him go atleast they say soldier go soldier come but my team remain although i wish he sign new contract bcos arsenal have been loyal to him during his injury period now that he’s injury free he dont want to sign pls let LET HIM GO!

  • ojong odo

    enough of the barcelona gist there hav been to the last four semi finals so i guess u will all have us believe dat the referee helps dem keep the ball four an average of 68percent against every opponent or the referee helps them create far more chance n have more shots than thier opponents; pls lets be objective in or criticism it was a weak penalty but wud anyone say it wasnt a foul on busquet? Le mouth is only complaining cus he hasnt found a way to beat barca yet so lets ignore his rant. And am not a barca fan just a lover of de beautiful game

  • Landy

    Financial “fair play” will be a joke. Only the teams that would need the rule enacted will be clammoring for UEFA to do their job. The Barca’s and City’s of the world will always have the cash on hand to influence implementation and considering UEFA’s track record, pigs will fly before UEFA will want a “fair” system in place.

  • Bola

    Go watch chelsea-benfica match again if truly dy deserved d qualification.why r u guys nt objective wit ur criticism?were d fouls on barca players a cheat?its high time u consulted fifa law book!