Guest Post: Should Arsenal sell RvP?

| July 8, 2012 | 5 Comments

Robin van Persie has now officially confirmed he will not be signing a contract extension this summer, however Arsenal are still ‘confident’ that he will remain a Gunner next season.

Wenger maintained last year he was confident Fabregas would stay, he was confident Na$ri would at least see out his contract, and now Arsenal and the Frenchman have stated they are confident Van Persie will stay. See the common occurrence?

The Dutchman outlined his main reason for leaving as wanting to win trophies and not for financial reasons – fair enough. Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud have joined the Gunners to win trophies, slightly contradictory to RvP, however the signings show ambition towards fighting for silverware… unlike last summer.

RvP has now thrown Arsenal into turmoil for a consecutive summer and essentially has broken his proposed media ban. He’s completely upset the Gunners hierarchy and fans by claiming the club’s ambitions are different his own after his initial talks with Gunners boss Wenger and chairman Gazidis.

So is it time to let the Premier League golden boot winner depart? While the Gunners have consistently maintained they will not be selling the Dutchman, they do not have the willpower to allow their star player run down his contract and miss out on £20 million. Chelsea managed to with both Kalou and Drogba and they were still big players for the club last season, but the Gunners board will find it hard to resist the temptation to receive a cupboard full of cash, despite Wenger’s best effort.

If the Arsenal board do manage to pull off the improbable and retain RvP for next season, reports are suggesting that Gooners alike do not fancy seeing the Dutchman in red and white next season. This is mainly due to the years the club have stood by the forward through consistent injuries and after one (amazing) full season he is ready to move on, a bit of a slap in the face really.

But time is of the essence for the striker with his 29th birthday fast approaching. He essentially only has another 2-4 years at peak fitness, so it seems more and more likely that the striker will not be leading the Arsenal out the tunnel next season as he looks to secure some trophies.

With Van Persie heading out the door, who will take over the cursed captain armband? This is the third season in a row that a new club captain will be appointed which has again highlighted the constant instability at the club with star players leaving before they should. Thomas Vermaelen seems the obvious choice who is currently vice captain, and he has confirmed he will be at the Emirates for a long time, so (fingers crossed) we will not have to appoint a new club captain in 2013.

What are your thoughts on Van Persie’s situation? Are you keen for the Dutchman to remain a Gunner next season despite not committing to a new contact? Personally I’d be happy if he saw out his contract with the club and it would be a fitting exit for one of the clubs most talented players in it’s modern history.

Feel free to comment below or in Van Persie’s thread in the allArsenal forum.

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  • nicky

    If we do not get rid by the end of the Window, IMO, we will have made a grievous error. Imagine the atmosphere in the dressingroom.
    We have the opportunity to sell a player who is 30, injury prone, a one-season in eight performer, who wants to leave.
    There will be buyers, no doubt about that, beguiled by last term’s heroics.
    Arsene Wenger is already moving on by the signing of Podolski and Giroud and there will be others, I’m sure.
    With the added return of Wilshere and Diaby, Arsenal are looking stronger than for many years.
    The fee for Van Persie would bring in a class replacement and there are a number about.

  • Willy young

    Sell the Durch whore!! Sick of lack of loyalty in professional football

    I thought him better than that

    Clearly not another Dutch tosser no wonder they are crap at tournaments

  • http://Yahoo.Com Ade

    RVP should be allowed to go if he so desire. Arsenal has been existing before Robin and gooner will continue after him. What Mr. Wenger and the board need to do is to fortified the team with at least three more quality players to shame these players that are using trophyless period as excuse. Again one must quickly add that Mr. Wenger and the board must know that more teams are on board in England and they are ready to spend money to bring talented players from any part of the worid including Arsenal, however, clubs like Arsenal and others can still keep their best legs provided they do not wait until on e player is off before buying one young player that will stiil need one or two years to grow and also must not forger the role of money or Wenger, Mr economist, have forgot that EPL is now big market where compietition is playing a big role. I believed this is what the likes of Barca, ManU, the blue and even Mancity do. Pls, the boss and the board should not waste time in buying better player to replace him and let us move on.

  • gooner

    if we think about back to this time last year (with the fab and nas saga) we weren’t really in control of that situation – nobody would show thier hand…

    …this year however…

    …rvp has already made his (or his agent’s) views clear and has given us 2 months to do something about it. i say sell and use the money to buy a couple of decent established premiership players – guys who are willing to dig in – we already have enough ‘flair’ players.

    there is really no point keeping players at a club where they don’t want to be. if you hold them to their contract, their performances suffer because their heart isn’t in it and consequently their (transfer) value suffers.

    i’d also let walcott go too – he’s totally over rated and the ox is a far better prospect – both physically and (in footballing terms) mentally.

    the person i would really worry about losing is alex song and i would guess aw will make him the captain for this season.

  • david chidi

    I think arsenal can do without him. Let him b sold n arsenal shud go n get jovetic or lewandowski as his replacement. Let him be sold to juventus or psg n nt mancity or man utd.