Arsenal Rumours: Cesc admits Barca unhappiness

| September 6, 2012 | 14 Comments

The Sun have reported former Gunners captain Cesc Fabregas is unhappy at the Nou camp after his big money move away from North London just over a year ago.

It all started out so well for the Spaniard who won the Supacopa and the UEFA Super Cup within his first few weeks with the Catalan giants, but he has been much of a bit-part player of late with Messi preferred as the striker/false number 9 and Xavi Iniesta, Busquets, Song and Thiago all fighting for starting spots in the Barca midfield, there is little wonder Fabregas struggles to play 90 minutes.

Fabregas told Radio Marca:

There’s no such thing as a great substitute in the world of football.

I couldn’t tell you what makes a great substitute.

I always wish my team-mates well and put a happy face on.

If I have to take my unhappy face home, so be it. But I’d never let my team-mates or manager see it.

Everybody likes to play every minute of the season.

I’ve always said I play for the best team in the world.

But I came here to compete, to learn and enjoy, not to sit racking my brains.

The manager knows what I can offer. But across the three positions I can play, I am competing with the three best players in the world.

I’m delighted to be a part of this team. But when a coach tells me I have to go, I’ll go.

I will not make it easy for him to do so, though. I will keep going, looking forward to the time when things change. I came here to see out my career.

The 25-year-old has a clause in his contract that gives Arsenal first option on purchasing the midfield maestro and if they refuse to then the Gunners receive a whopping 50% of the sale fee.

The speculation over his future has been overhyped by the media – he won’t be leaving anytime soon. The fact that he has started the first three matches of the season does suggest he is in the new manager Tito Vilanova’s plans, but it remains to be seen whether young prodigy Thiago will get the nod ahead of Fabregas when Xavi hangs up the boots.

Either way if Vilanova decides Fabregas’ future does not lie with Barca then he would be welcomed back to Arsenal with open arms. But it is very difficult to see that happening, he is a class player and will become a first team regular in time.

What are your thoughts? Would you be happy to see Cesc back in Gunners colours? He is probably the only star (bar Henry) that has left in recent years that would be welcomed back by Gooners. Feel free to comment below or in allArsenal’s forum under Cesc’s thread in transfer rumours. Register and comment to go into the draw to win the NEW arsenal away shirt – 2 days left!

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  • elkieno

    He is welcome back anytime in my books but….
    When he says he never hangs his head when sad and never shows his disappointment to anyone, just takes it home, then why didn’t he ‘take it home’ when we had hard times? Many tines after we conceded goals or loss games at the death, he sulked like a kid.
    If hd came back then it that shit out for sure.
    Also good business if they choose to sell him on, might be better to not buy him back?

  • Dilan

    1. I don’t understand why Cesc left. He was playing in a team that made him who he is not only that he broke into the Spanish team with Arsenal, he knew he was going to be on the bench don’t know why his complaining.
    2. There was big rumours Barca were not willing to increase there bid because the senior maagement thought Thiago was suitable to replace Xavi in 3-4 years time, even Busquets is being regarded as ahead of Cesc.
    4. I think Cesc will be welcomed back we have the first buy back option.
    5. I think Barca bought Cesc as back up they really don’t know what to do with him these days he starts and gets pulled off, when Villa is fit he won’t start thats for sure.

  • Kit


    Could you (or anyone else) clarify two points.

    1) “first option to purchase”: is this at a fixed ‘buy-out clause’ price in Cesc’s contract, or just whatever price the two clubs can agree? What if Arsenal wants to pay £20MM but Barca won’t sell for less than £40MM? Does it just go to another club willing to pay £40MM then?

    2) “50% of the sales fee”: is this gross? so in the example above, if we pass on buying at £40MM but another club buys, does Arsenal get £20MM? Or is it actually 50% of the net profit Barca makes on the sale? So £40MM – say roughly £30MM they paid Arsenal = £10MM, then 50% = £5MM.


    • Dilan

      1) first buy back option sometimes has set fee sometimes it does not it depends really, and I doubt it will have it for Cesc case as AFC and Barca will determine his value at that time if AFC want him.
      2) 50% selling fee means if Barca decide to sell within a certian time frame say 2-3 years then arsenal get a certain % of the transfer whatever is the case.
      3) I think Cesc has been told that he will not be regular strater by vilanova hence his come out and said this, it doesnt make sense to want to whinge and go back and then 1 year later say his unhappy it just smells like his ready to move back to AFC.

  • oz gooner

    Perhaps we are all getting a bit premature. He only said he is unhappy at being on the bench, well that would go for all professionals.
    To buy back a player who saw us as a club with limited ambition would be a backward step for both parties. I wish Cesc luck, but personally I am excited about our current midfield and wouldn’t like to see that balance upset.

  • merkin

    I think that Fabergas would be welcomed back with opened arms. But I am not sure that he would be more likely to start with AFC as he is with Barca. Our first choice midfield is very good and the bench is also good. Perhaps he could play the false 9 that he played for Spain, although I think that Podolski is auditioning for that position right now.

  • Abu

    We can wellcome him as a sub since we have improved a lot in mid expecially with Zinedine Carzola and Abou. Carling cup and FA are available, a child does not been chased a way from home.

    Mombasa, Kenya.

  • akinola

    Well if Cesc want to come back u are welcome but in one condition, all what we Arsenal want now is commitment. If you can commite your self and prove how Ǧ☺☺ϑ you are very nice

  • Anas

    Even me i will like dat to hapen! And i avise gunz oficial dat dnt let any body leav us nex season, n i wnt us 2 bring cecs farigas, cavani or falcao n isco. Lve u ol gunz.

  • Prof. Oyeboh. Razaq

    Fabrigas back to Arsenal! ‘Impossican’t.’ It is like the jinx is gradually taking the hold of the ‘once upon a time’ respected skipper of Arsenal who never thought it wise to accept fate and realise that his future was at Arsenal. His first misfire was his refusal to realise that Barca meant no good for him when they threw him away as a kid to Arsenal for peanut after failing to recognise his potential whereas Wenger did and developed him only for him to ditch Arsenal when it mattered; for good price though. He is the architect of his own fortune and should single-handedly carry his cross. Coming back to Arsenal? I don’t think and never want so. He could go elsewhere (like ManCity) and be dumped again so that Arsenal could collect the due 50% from the sale. Miscalculation saga it is for him.

  • Goonerbeall

    I love Gooners. Just read across the page and you read opinions from everywhere in the world.
    This ia a club which has gone to the dogs according to the rugs yet Gooners on here appear optimistic,chirpy
    and have sense of humour. Thats not supporters of team going nowhere?
    Up the Arse! Oops


    Let the money grabber ROT is Spain. He left us – and did not care that he was skipper.


    Wenger is no fool…he will not be welcomed back.

  • HB Gooner

    I would love to see Cesc wearing an Arsenal shirt again but I’m not sure how much playing time he would get. The current squad has started to gel and is getting better and better. Why would Wenger disrupt that? Besides, who’s position would he take? The only spot I can see him taking is Arteta’s but I’m not sure if I would actually want to see that happening…

  • Smart musty

    If he wish 2 he’s highly welcum. Aftar all Monkey no fine but him mama like am.