Arsenal Rumours: Rennes rule out M’Vila move

| September 1, 2012 | 15 Comments

Gunners long term target and expected summer acquisition Yann M’Vila has been essentially ruled out of a move to Arsenal, as his club chairman remains ‘95% certain’ he will remain with Rennes this season.

The defensive midfielder has been one of the most hotly linked players to make his way to the Emirates which was further fueled by Alex Song’s departure this month. But it seems Wenger will not be replacing the Cameroonian with the transfer window closure edging closer and Spurs failed with a late bid for Rennes’ star man.

The Ligue 1 club’s chairman Frederic de Saint-Sernin told RMC (a French Radio Station):

He will not go to England. Tottenham came back with an offer yesterday at 19.30 but we are 95% sure that he will stay with us.

He will only leave if a Russian or Ukrainian club makes a proposition [that meets our valuation of the player].

This is a very bizarre statement as he has contradicted himself when he previously stated that M’Vila did not want to go to Russia and his preferred destination was England.

The most worrying part of his interview is the lack of interest from Arsenal. The Gunners need an out and out defensive midfielder and M’Vila is the key. I still maintain some hope that Wenger will place a late bid, otherwise our midfield will lack physicality and power.

What are your thoughts on M’Vila’s transfer saga? Are you keen to see the French international at the Emirates? We’re running out of time! Feel free to comment below or in the allArsenal forum in M’Vila’s thread – register and comment to win Arsenal’s away shirt.

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  • K Clark

    I am a season ticket and can not believe what I am seeing. The club is conning the supporters, we were told once we move to the new ground we will compete with all self sufficient clubs, that was a sick joke, it appears wenger has lost his ambition, football should be about doing your best, spending whatyou haveno more than that, but we don’t do that. Surely arsenal fans have to ask what’s happening to all the money? So depressing we are going backwards or nowhere!

  • wags

    Wenger said only last week we will get 2 new players now yesterday he says hel only get a special player, no doubt tomorrow hel say ther was no special players, yet evry 1 else seems to find them. Wer bein fed shit evry other day n his faffin about is gunna cost us. Two years running we sold our best two players, this is only a club interested in makin money with seemingly no real interest in winning. Judging by the lack of dealings today no voids filled its certain this isbthe case. Time for us to stand up n be counted.

  • jackey

    fans shouldn’t attend any match to make the learn!let them enjoy at the ground without our support!

    no blame for RVP he new all these!

  • choro

    We really need this guy or fellaini…they are the both that can fill in that blank…essien is trash…is not our type!

  • Jed

    Again Wenger says he will be getting more players and again we don’t get any. We only have 1 unproven strikerfor this season WHY? STOP LYING TO THE FANS AND COME OUT AND SAY WHAT IS GOING ON!!!

  • simon

    This is disgraceful once again by arsenal in the transfer market! spuds only finished one point behind us in the league but have strengthened massively to insure progression. we are facing the very possible reality that we will be leapfrogged by our nearest rivals and seem clueless on how to compete. i do not for one second point the finger at wenger as i believe he has been dealt a bad deal by those above him. gazidis and co need to take a long hard look at themselves and realise what they are doing. they charge extortionate fees for the supporter to cough up to watch THEIR team and offer nothing in return. this football club has evolved into a money making organisation rather than the football team which laid its foundations. WE NEED TO BE HEARD!!!

  • bj.soul_uk@gunner

    Arsenal are a very greedy club… as for me i’m done with them. SHAME

    • demongooners

      well you won’t be missed mate .we only want true supporters at arsenal not idiots like you

  • Riedwaan

    just as i thought, no further signings and what a big mistake. If we’re lucky enough we will be settling for europa and i am seldom wrong with my predictions. This will be wenger’s final 2 years before he gets the boot…long way to go as we need a manager right now that demands for us to be winners again and not settle to make our board cash happy. As gunners we demand trophies (feels like decades) and the idea of football is for this reason and the money comes afterwards. We are a selling club and this time around wenger takes the cake and eats it…sell 2 of our finest players without really replacing them to strenghten our squad….what the heck is happening is any ones guess…money really makes the world go round at any cost…lol, get ready for an even sicker roller-coaster ride this season and if you suffer of any heart problems…make sure you dont watch the arsenal play…your doctor will confirm this….it is very disappointing for wenger to make statements and not to bring in top top top players in…we all know what he’s gonna say…deadline short and could’nt find any lol. I might be laughing but this is because of all the insanity happening in our club that is starting to affect me….hahhahahah hohohohhoho…we’re so busted and it’s a crap feeling.

  • dick_head

    Wenger is such a crap 4 arsenal…i m 4 sure he’s gnna bastardize arsenal jst lke liverpool n leave the club making it a minor 1 only competitng to fnsh in d top half of every season!! SHAME

  • True Gooner

    160 million in the bank and we get charged the highest prices in football to watch our strongest players get sold without equal or better quality replacements every f*cking year.

    The directors have a LOT to answer for.

    Support the boys, BOYCOTT the pies!

    Cheer on the gunners with pride and f*ck the merchandise F*ck it in the ass all the way to the bank of arsenal (160 million quid of OUR hard earned in that bank.)


  • kizito

    Fuck gazidis fuck the vultUr arsene long as he doesn’t want the happiness of the fans I wish him heart break in every is getter we stop supporting them.I hate u arsene wenger u will die of heart failure

  • Emeka

    Now widow has closed,no new DM in our team he was there at press talkin rubbish.imagine Tot’ham make 4 strong signin this night. If all fans we agree to stay at home for 1 match to show their feelin, i think they we be serious.

  • cosmos

    I feel so vindicated but happy and sad at the same time. Happy because day by day more arsenal fans are realizing just a bunch of suckers managing arsenal right now. I have written times without numbers in forum that AW and the Co are super Cons that are just taking the fans for a ride since 2005. Now they are busted and exposed for what they truly are. The earlier the fans knows this the better for them. Season tickets holder should and the supporters club should organize massive protest and boycotts of attendance at the Emirates to show AW & the Boards that enough is enough. Let their revenue intakes suffer massive loss to know they means business. They have hoisted the ”self-sustainable model”as a decoy and ruse to hide their sinister objectives of turning Arsenal into a CASH COW. There is no stopping the rot and downward spiral now until these blood-suckers (including Clown Wenger are booted out) otherwise it ARSENAL MERCHANDISE CLUB instead of ARSENAL FC. This Agenda was all engineered by AW himself. He conspired together with P.H. Wood to push edge David Dein out in order to perfect this evil agenda. They have since been sharing the bonus of their greed.
    No wonder Michel Platini said long time ago that AW is business manager disguised as a football coach. You can’t know the falcon than the falconer. I just pity the less discerning minds and fans who still believe in this management. RVP and was right to proclaim the club lacking no lofty ambition than to be a selling club. IN ARSENE WE RUST..

  • david wesson

    We missed out on Mirallas and could have bought L’Orente and Mvilla to replace Song & Van Perise.We could even have bought defensive back up with either Vertoghen or Van de Weil but we didn’t who all would have added strength in depth to our squad. All these players would have been proud to play for Arsenal but now we are seen by the world all as a selling club and no statement of intent has been made to the existing players or the fans.Quite frankly fans of Spurs and the Manchester teams simply don’t see us as a threat and more as a joke because we have lost our pride as a football club in favour of good business sense.Yes it is a gamble and one i simply cannot see paying off and one which Wenger and the board are responsible for.Usamov was right all along time for a change and to restore some pride back to the club.