Wenger: I loaned Bendtner because he has an Arsenal future

| September 8, 2012 | 8 Comments

Arsene Wenger still believes Nicklas Bendtner has a future at Arsenal despite his second consecutive loan spell and the player admitting he did not want to return to the Emirates again.

The Danish international spent the entire 2011/12 season with Sunderland, often playing as the lone striker and had a relatively successful campaign with the 13th placed side where he notched 8 goals.

The 24 year old then made a summer loan move to the Italian giants where he will spend the remainder of the 2012/13 season, and if he performs well in Serie A there may be an opportunity for a rejuvenation of his career at Arsenal according to Wenger.

The Frenchman told Corriere dello Sport (as reported on skysports):

He can do well in Italy

He’s a top player for me, but he’s had difficulties here. You can’t doubt the player’s value though.

We believe in him and that is why we only gave him to Juventus on loan.

I think he can resolve his problems with us and prove himself. We believe in him.

I was surprised that the ‘great’ Dane was not sold permanently over the transfer window especially as he himself was looking to leave the Emirates for good, but does he actually have a future at Arsenal?

It is hard to imagine the self titled ‘best striker in the world’ in red and white again especially after he has disrespected the club with past statements but they were made out of frustration over his lack of playing time.

Personally I would prefer the Danish striker over Chamakh, but his attitude hasn’t exactly helped his cause. If Bendtner enjoys the a decent season with Juventus you never know what will happen, but as he will enter the final year of his contract next summer he will most likely be sold.

I find it very difficult to see Bendtner making a return, do you? Feel free to comment below or in allArsenal’s forum – register and go into the draw to win an Arsenal away shirt (competition ends 11:59pm BST)

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  • Nganga

    Wenger said that to hike his value when we actually sell him. If he said he’s not wanted then other clubs might want lower price when we sell him

    • Pete

      Exactly, if Bendter had a future he’d already by sold.

  • Archimedes

    The buy-out clause price of 5 million says it all, i.e. a value of a player at the bottom end of the first team or top end of loanees. He showed a great deal of promise a few years ago but sadly his development has slowed down considerably. AW comment reflects the tendency of him being a slow loss cutter or victim of his own, social wage structure, and both reasons being money wasting.

  • chris from Cambridge

    Rubbish …. we tried to sell him.

  • Aussie Jack

    Wenger is a master at `smoke screens`, you never know what he is thinking or what his motives are. He never criticizes a player it reduces his value.

  • ondgooner

    Another classic tell-tale by Sir Pinicchio as his latest statement contradicts what he said about Bendtner and some others when asked about their Arsnenal futures just before the transfer window shut. Then he categorically mentioned Bendtner as one of those who would be definitely leaving Arsenal! He may probabably turn round and lie that he never said that but that wouldn’t wash with me nor with a lot of Arsenalfans.

    Why does Wenger find it easy to lie at will? That’s the big Question!!!

  • http://none aussiegooner

    Arsene says what is best for the club in every instance. Whether it be the real truth or a politicians truth is for others to judge, but he does his job, and he does it well.
    So you should all grow up and accept that Arsene know best. And if that is too much for you then you should at least admit that Arsene knows better than you do.
    The political truths that sometimes fall from his lips are to either protect an asset’s value as is the case with Bendtner or to stand by a player or board member or the club itself.
    Arsene is 100% committed to the cause, never allowing a grievance or criticism or disappointment to enter the public realm.
    The fans however are continually moaning, bitching, sulking.
    A truth in life says that if you don’t like a situation then you have 3 options.
    1. Walk away.
    2. Accept it.
    3. Do something to change the situation.
    Personally I wish all the negative fans would chose option 1.
    Whether good or bad I usually chose option 2.
    For those of you still complaining after all these years please feel free to chose option 3, leave your current job, go and get your coaching badges, earn your stripes and apply for Arsene’s job as you all clearly believe you can do better than him. If your not 100% committed as Arsene is, then shut up.

    • http://justarsenal.com cosmos

      you are just block-headed AKB. reserve your idiotic advise to deluded fans like you who contended with mediocrity out of morbid fear to request for the best.