Sagna: When two top players leave, you ask a lot of questions

| September 7, 2012 | 5 Comments

Arsenal full-back Bacary Sagna has revealed that while he was expecting the sale of Arsenal star Robin van Persie, he was completely bemused by the sale of midfielder Alex Song.

As we all know Song still had three years remaining on his contract, but was still sold to Barcelona for £15m. Song further fuelled speculation by stating he tried to initiate new contract negotiations for eight months, but was refused a new long-term contract with Arsenal saying ‘you have three years left.’

Sagna is quoted as saying the ESPN Soccernet on the ordeal:

We expected Robin Van Persie to leave, but not Alex Song … it was a surprise. I still do not understand.

This is a huge loss for the club. They were the top two players from last season – you ask a lot of questions. I understand that the fans are upset.

He’s 24-years-old, he still had three years of the contract. I still do not understand. This is a huge loss for the club.

When you see the top two players from last season leave, you ask a lot of questions. In the street, fans come to see me sometimes. I understand they are upset. I am like them, I do not quite understand.

This is not alarming, but annoying. At Arsenal, you return from vacation, you’re preparing, you see two players leave the club … That’s the way it is since I am here. I’m used to it.

I’m also the only player in the line-up in 2007 still present. In May, I watched Manchester City’s Premier League trophy parade on TV. I saw Samir and Gael lift the trophy. I want that [feeling].

I just want to play again, be good on the pitch with Arsenal and then we will see.

While the sale of Song was met with uproar by a majority of Arsenal fans, you can’t deny that Arsenal have looked as solid as ever defensively so far this season. The return of Diaby has so far softened the blow of Song’s departure and Arteta has looked excellent playing deeper as the holding midfielder.

Arsenal have taken a calculated risk with Song, particularly with Wilshere returning soon, but I must admit that the Gunner’s strategy of ‘letting’ contracts run down so far before commencing new contract negotiations is a very dangerous game. Hleb, Flamini, Nasri, and Robin van Persie are all examples of when it goes wrong.

Sagna himself only has two years remaining on his own contract with Arsenal and when pressed as to whether Arsenal have begun negotiations for a new contract, he replied ‘no, nobody.’

Here we have someone who is considered best right-back in the league, but has never been approached over a new deal. It seems perplexing that we have never tried to extend his contract, particularly now that only two years remain on it. Is it a case of ‘here we go again?’

What do you guys think? Feel free to leave a comment below or discuss Sagna in the forums and go in the draw to win a Arsenal away shirt! Only TWO days left!

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  • Cc

    As a wwe fan,would u enjoy 2 see the undertaker’s undefeated streak ended next wrestlemania?!Most arsenal players are indisciplined,best thing is to ‘FIND OUT’ why & try to counsel them bk to the right path.

  • Francis

    Selling Song is one thing. To start contract talks three years before the contract expires is another thing. Does it mean that if we sign someone for 4 years, we have to negotiate again one year after?

  • aa

    Sagna if you want a contract extention be bold. But from our experience, all you players want extension either when you are not delivering or injured but when you are doing well you hesitate to sign. Prove me wrong Sagna if you had improved your game and avoided injuries would you still a gunner? I have this feeling that you would be at city or PSG.

  • Peter shitwood

    Well the answer is – the board will sell any player if the profit is sufficient, and we’ll simply continue to tell the fans we can challenge for the title.

  • Soeharto

    Hi Bary,
    That is the culture of football business now, you go to all football club especially in England you will find the same thing, if a player play well, free of injuries, the club will try to hold you as long as they can. If a player do not play well,indiscipline, and too demanding the club will try to get rid of the player. I think Arsenal is still quite good in treating their players, see how Manchester United treat Jap Staam and Dimitar Berbatov. How Manchester City treat Adebayor and Carlos Tevez.As a player you can only show to them that you are worth to them than they will respect you. Like what happen to Carlos Tevez, because he plays well and the club need him eventhough the club ( the manager) already said that he is finish with the club and tried to sell him.the club will reverse their position and now try to hold him longer.