Hill-Wood: Wenger has £35m to spend in Jan

| October 8, 2012 | 5 Comments

The Daily Mail have reported Gunners chairman Peter Hill-Wood has given Arsene Wenger a hefty transfer kitty believed to be around the £35m mark after recent healthy financial results.

The winter transfer window opens in January for the month and it will give Wenger the opportunity to reassess his squad after the busy Christmas period and strengthen if required as they hope to win their first silverware since 2005.

It was a busy summer transfer window in both directions for Wenger with star players Robin van Persie and Alex Song departing, with Lukas Podolski, Olivier Giroud and Santi Cazorla coming in. Abou Diaby, Jack Wilshere and Emmanuel Frimpong are all within weeks of being available for first team action, so they too are like new signings after not participating a great deal last season.

But despite the full squad, Hill-Wood has stressed there is funds available if Wenger sees fit to spend.

The chairman told reporters:

If Arsene wants to use that money during the winter window then, absolutely, he will be able to do it.

We rely on him to come up with the right people and there will be funds available to him.

We have been very pleased with the start.

But if the manager wants to reinforce the squad in January, he will be able to do that.

The financial results were good and we want to put that money to use if Arsene decides he wants more players.

I like to think that the profit shows we are running the club on the right lines.

We are not able, for instance, to be able to afford to write off £180m. That is not how we work.

Wenger has often had the funds to spend big but he is prudent, with the most he spent prior to the approx £16m on Cazorla was £15m on Arshavin. Meanwhile rivals Chelsea and Manchester City have been spending that amount on breakfast, and the latter spending double that on Arsenal players!

Although Hill-Wood states that Wenger can indulge, nothing big will happen in January. While we can all dream that Falcao is purchased, the reality is the squad is big, has plenty of depth and Wenger will never spend over £20m on a single player. The main positions that could be strengthened is up front with Gervinho set to depart for the African Nations Cup in January, and at left back with Santos a risky backup to the established Gibbs.

Unless there is an injury crisis it is difficult to see Wenger splashing much of the cash. Personally I’d like them to use the cash to tie down some of our players to new deals with expiring contracts in the next couple of years and pay off more debt from the stadium so we are one step closer to spending-freedom.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment below or in allArsenal’s forum under the winter transfer window thread.

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  • DavegheGooner

    “Personally I’d like them to use the cash to tie down some of our players to new deals with expiring contracts in the next couple of years and pay off more debt from the stadium so we are one step closer to spending-freedom.”
    The club should not be spending fortunes renewing contracts of players who have continually failed to deliver and how many times do the club need to tell you that the early redemption penalties that would be payable to repay the stadium debt early makes it prohibitive??

  • http://allarsenal.com/arsenalrumours/hill-wood-wenger-35m-spend-jan/? Casey

    Every year also say the same thing but won’t spent at all.

  • james

    they wont spend thats wat they always say

  • cin

    These people know very well how to cheat fans.

    Know how to run a good business. Who cares trophies. Only fans ????

    • david curley

      How on earth is this cheating fans. We have a very, very strong squad. We bought 3 fantastic players this summer, Cazorla being described as the best purchase of the transfer window (and at a fraction of the price another club would have parted with). Why do fans constantly request new players to be bought? I would hate to see another midfielder come in that would mean the likes of Coq and Frimpong are left to waste in the Reserves. We have seen countless times that these fringe players are top quality and already on our books and just need 1st team game time. Jenkinson is a fantastic example of where arsenal’s real buying power is. When given the opportunity, they step up and prove their worth and investment. If we constantly bought ‘established’ players, the likes of Wilshere or the ox, or Jenkinson would never progress through the ranks.

      We have a manager who is incredibly gifted at knowing what talents a player possesses but also can clairvoyantly assess the players potential and development. Testament to that is Song who we bought for a bag of walker’s crisps and sold for millions (to warm the bench at Barca).

      I for one am happy for the board to make these millions available to Wenger and for him to look at his squad and put faith in the arsenal system and allow our club to change the course of football as it so often does. He doesn’t need to spend but if he does, it would be on the back of his calculations. Look at Mannone, putting excellent performances in as the 3rd choice keeper simply because he has received support and faith from the manager. Diaby offers the same opinion.