5 steps Arsenal MUST take to fix the season

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After yet another low this season, Arsene Wenger is on very, very thin ice..with the fans that is. The Gunners crashed to a defeat against a resilient League Two side in the Capital One Cup with a ‘full’ strength side. On paper the starting XI should be enough to take down the best of the Premier League, let alone Bradford City,  but yet again Gooners are left ripping out their hair ending with a similar hairstyle to one of the crappest buys in Arsenal history – Gervinho.

So can Arsenal, with Arsene Wenger, save this season? They have just been knocked out of the competition that was our best chance of silverware, something that has eluded the Gunners since 2005. Many fans are asking for the Frenchman’s head, and while I can certainly see why, the reality is he will not be fired by the Club and he is just as stressed as any of us.

So where did it all go wrong? The sale of Van Persie and Alex Song are certainly a massive factor. Arsenal should have kept the duo, especially the Dutchman as he is the difference between qualifying for the UCL – the money from qualifying would have more than paid for loosing RvP for free next summer. But lets not dwell in the past, how can we turn the season around? Well there are five standard, must-do’s and they must happen by the end of January otherwise Arsenal will not qualify for the Champions League or win a trophy.


1. Sell Gervinho and Coquelin in January.

Gervinho was always a poor-mans Eden Hazard. Wenger failed to stump up the cash for the Belgian winger, and instead bought the ‘next best thing’ in Gervinho who was ripping it up in France but has never convinced anyone he is a suitable Arsenal player. He’s just plain thick and is just not Arsenal material, the Ivorian continually fails to make the right decision, he runs at players when he should just distribute, scuffs simple goal scoring opportunities and just fails to read his team mates. He is an athlete  nothing more and needs to be sold this winter to ensure Arsenal still get some cash for him.

Similarly to Gervinho, Coquelin seems to lack a bit of a footballing brain. Call it inexperience if you will, the 21-year-old has had plenty of opportunities to impress with Arsenal as well as loan spells with Lorient and seems to be OK in most midfield roles but not excellent in any – a Jack of all midfield trades. He is not a physical beast like Frimpong, does not have the vision of Wilshere or the goal scoring prowess of Cazorla and seems to make silly decisions like in the two recent cameo’s where he spurned two excellent opportunities to cross goal-wards against Everton and Aston Villa. Wilshere is younger and is in another league to the Frenchman, that is the standard of midfielders we need, not Coquelin. It is time for Wenger to let go of some of the youthful talent that are just not going to make the grade similar to the Henri Lansbury situation.


2. Buy TWO strikers in the winter window.

It is common knowledge that Arsenal need attacking reinforcements. Gervinho is useless striker, he had a decent patch earlier this season but they were tap in’s and low-grade shots, hardly a convincing statement for a centre forward role. Giroud is our only worthy out-and-out striker at present, however Lukas Podolski should get a chance up top as should Walcott. The Englishman is a very effective winger however, so there are plenty of reason as to why he is preferred in a wider role, but Podolski is more of a natural striker and can hammer the ball home..unlike the rest of the strikers.

But the Gunners need more fire power and with the likes of Llorente and Huntelaar ‘available’ at cheap prices this January so there are opportunities to reinforce. Gervinho will be away during January for the African’s Nations Cup, so that is a blessing in disguise, and with Thierry Henry looking like he may return for a third spell on a short-term deal, adding at least two more strikers will help our attacking options look a bit more beefy.


3. Loan out or sell Ramsey.

I feel sorry for the Welshman, he was easily on track to becoming as big of a sensation as Wilshere until that fateful day at Stoke. Since his rehabilitation he simply is not quick enough on his feet and his distribution is far from consistent. Utilized out wide of late, Wenger has retained faith in the 21-year-old despite his knack for continually wasting brilliant goal scoring opportunities and lack of attacking flair when it comes to taking on defenders. Oxlade-Chamberlain and Walcott are hands down all-round better options on the wing then their Wales international team mate but as the midfield is full of box-to-box options he is out of favour.

He will never be a winger, so to develop his skill on the ball, confidence in front of goal and distribution he needs to be loaned out to a Premier League club for the remainder of the season where he can be a regular midfielder. He has the potential to be a big player for the Gunners, but is still lacking experience and composure.


4. Re-sign Walcott at all costs.

Theo Walcott has become a big part of the Arsenal attack, he is a game changer and he must be kept at all costs. It seems that he is slipping away with the winter window fast approaching and yet no sign of a new deal. The Gunners hierarchy will never let a star player’s contract run down after the Flamini incident, so he will be sold if a new contract is not signed before January.

Despite his odd below par performance, he has played well this season when fit and is the Gunners top scorer so far this campaign. The Englishman is a vital cog that we must keep in the side no matter what. Offer him a nice pay package and coerce him to stay, Arsenal must put a stop to the continuous exodus of star players and it has to stop now.


5. Sign a defensive midfielder.

Mikel Arteta is not a natural defensive midfielder, he is brilliant on the ball and at distributing, so is more suitable for the box-to-box role. Francis Coquelin is definitely not the answer as mentioned earlier and Diaby is not only injured consistently but he is not an out-and-out Sergio Busquets/Mascherano defensive midfielder, even Alex Song left the back line too exposed with his attacking prowess. Arsenal need someone like M’Vila or Diame (however he is now injured for three months) in their ranks, as currently Emmanuel Frimpong is not yet up to scratch – but he can be the future option.

A defensive midfielder must be signed in January as we will continually be exposed with our tiny midfield trio of Cazorla, Arteta and Wilshere. Alex Song shouldn’t have been sold, if he was venturing forward too much tell him off and make him hold. He was a beast and we lack that physicality.


Do you think these changes are enough to spark a great Arsenal comeback? Why is it that the Gunners only seem to act when things go pear-shaped like the 8-2 loss at Old Trafford sparked the host of purchases? They had plenty of time to reinforce over the summer however a minimal amount of changes came calling. Look at the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid, yes they have splashed out a huge amount of cash at times over the years but they have developed and upgraded their squads while also introducing homegrown talent. Buying Fabregas when you have Iniesta, Xavi, and the young, exciting Thiago Alcantara all fighting for the same positions doesn’t seem so silly now does it?


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  • Danish Gooner

    You forgot,Sack Wenger he is simply not to be trusted anymore.”we are not embarressed by losing to bradford” did he actually say that ???? If he did,it in its self shows how deluded he has become.

  • Raz

    Sack Wenger & get rid of the board + Stan = Problem solved. 7 years and he can’t fix the defense, sells of our best players and still defends the side after sickening performances. The board are milking the profits and charging the highest ticket prices around.

    • Thinkwithurbrain

      PSG is offering Wenger a contract. But he refuse! Wenger is stupid right? He wanted to stay at the cub where he started, where fans boo him! Who with the right mind would not want to a club like PSG? With star and huge budget? He is the man with passion for the club. U think signing someone like Guardiola would solve the problem? No mate. With the restriction of the board, whoever takes charge at Arsenal can’t and won’t be able to do anything, I think. A great man like Wenger knows that quitting is never an option and he want to finish what he started. I blame the fans who boo at the club. This is the time where we should stick together, not turning the back on the club!

      • http://www.allarsenal.com Josif

        I think Wenger will sign for Paris Saint-Germain after Ancelotti gets fired. It is only question of time when it will happen. Wenger is not a fool – if there is anything left that he knows, it’s the fact he will lose opportunity to collect money we have to pay to him if he leaves Arsenal before contract expires. Gazidis won’t fire him as long as Wenger enables dividends coming. I can understand why members of the Arsenal board hold on to Wenger – he has earned them a lot of dividends for years – but I can’t understand Arsenal fans who still believe in Wenger.

  • http://www.soccersouls.com/ jin

    Breaking News: Manchester United Planning A Bid For Arsenal’s Theo Walcott

    Source: http://www.soccersouls.com/2012/12/breaking-news-manchester-united-planning-a-bid-for-arsenals-theo-walcott/

    So Walcott is not staying…

    • Cashley Walcole

      Thats where he was always heading-to join up with ol’cheesey chops-you can bet they’re chatting full on.

    • Me

      I don’t see a Walcott/Nani swop happening. No top player in their right mind wants to see themselves at Arsenal at the moment. Only way to start getting good players again is to offer high wages-just like City did when they were a mid-table team and managed to get SRW in his prime and Robinho also. Money or trophies=good players.

  • ZG

    I just feel sorry for our players like Podolski. They shouldn’t be subjected to such matches. These are guys you expect to be seen on the big arena not in such matches.

    I agree with Wenger’s earlier strategy of playing the reserves in the league cup.

    The ground seemed too small. It will take a lot of time to just get adjusted to that dimension. There was just no space to move around in their box once crowded.

    When you subject your players to such matches and end up losing it you are putting a big dent on their confidence. Shouldn’t have done that especially since the league matches are so tight

    • Kevin

      Are you kidding??? If these players are so good why didn’t they annihilate Bradford?? I guarantee you if Man Utd had played there last night the score would have been 0-5 or more!

      Wenger has no strategy, he lost the plot years ago, now he is so desperate he daren’t play his reserve side, mainy because they may show up the crap we have in the first team – which I may point out is all down to him….buying the “quality” players like Gervinho, Chamakh,Ramsey,Mertatsacker,Arshavin,Giroud Koscielny – mind you we shouldnt be surprised, Wenger was the man who brought in Eboue,Denilson,Bendtner,Cygan,Senderos,Stepanov,Wreh,Diaby,Fabianski,Mannone to name but a few…. in fact I think there ought to be an assessment of Wengers successful player acquisitions against the number of average failures and I think it would show that he has a huge failure rate against his success!! Trouble is also anyone decent has been sold off by the board/Wenger.

      Wenger is a joke, he should have gone in 2006. He is over-rated his success at arsenal was built on the back of George Grahams Defence and Ian Wright, plus Bruce Riochs acquisition of Denis Bergkamp… plus he had the likes of David Platt, Paul Merson,Ray Parlour in the midfield not a bad side who in fact were THE rising side at that time. Any decent manager would have been ecstatic to walk into that squad!

  • Roland C Rozario

    THE PLAYERS are to be held accountable!
    The Manager and coaching team can do just that much. At the end of the day THE pLAYERS ARE RESPONSIBLE!
    You can buy the best. But can they PLAY and outshine and prove their worth!
    Look at Brad City NO SPECTACULAR AND PRIMA DONNAS but just see their play!


      Who has to prepare these players and work on their technique and if the players are crappy the question remains who signed them? Where does the bug stop?

    • Me

      Which manager would accept this:
      Hill-Wood: “Oi, we need that money to increase the dividend per share so sell Fabregas for that 35 mil even if we can get 40+”

      Wenger: “Okay, I don’t want to sell but how much can I spend on a replacement?”
      Hill-Wood: “Say 10mil so we can keep the windfall for ourselves (including you)”

      Wenger: “Oh I’m also getting something from the profit?, in that case I have a 5 mil replacement in mind”

    • Mdoko

      “Rioch was sacked, after a dispute with the club’s board of directors over transfer funds”-Wikipedia. I know it’s Wiki but the point here is; no manager in their right mind would accept pocket change for transfers when his stars are being sold by a greedy board. The fact that Wenger is willing to stay suggests a few things:
      1. He loves the club and wants to stay on
      2. In doing so, he’s taking the heat for the boards failings & greed.
      3. He’s stubborn and he believes he’s still on top of the challenge he took on when we moved from Highbury (that he was gonna keep us competitive with his non-splurging youth policy).

      As far as the last point is concerned, he is stubborn (see Ramsey, Gervinho and tactics in general)and we have been relatively competitive albeit trophyless. Until now that is. Now we’re nowhere near competitive.

  • pablo

    D last time WENGER used d full first team in league cup we were thrashed by tots five goals to one

    • Seconds Best

      Well noted. The reserves had a hunger and spontaneity that made them less predictable than the firsts. Even if they did let the opposition join in the goal fest.

  • Arsenal legend

    If the critics say sell Gervinho, Wenger would give him a contract to prove them wrong. He cares so much for the club that he is the highest paid manager in the league. Moreover, he has helped out many French speaking players, who wouldnt find a place in any Premier League team bu handing them huge contracts.

    Chamakh,Squillaci,Gervinho, Diaby. All future legends

    In Arsene We Trust
    Arsene, please sign the new contract on your table and stay with Arsenal for the next 100 years.

  • Mickey Finn

    Selling Coquelin would be premature. And Gervinho adds a certain mad kung-fu master touch to the proceedings.

    Not sure spending is the answer. Some, sure. But mainly the problem seems to lie between the ears of the players.

    • Coq to grow

      I agree-we need some depth and Coquelin is handy to have around and needs a chance to develop with the current squad-not somewhere else.Other teams play a different game than us, and he needs to grow and learn under the influence of our class MF’s. As for Gerv-it might sound cruel, but if a mature footballer is constantly lacking in confidence, then he simply is not good enough.Strikers do miss the odd sitter, but there is a certain composure and self belief that will have the player simply bury the ball. If this is not in place now, probably never will be.I think a lot of our tried and failed players of recent years would have been long gone in days of old downwards to a more appropriate level as in Martin Hayes,Frannie Jeffers etc….

  • True fan

    In Arsene We Trust

    Anyone who disagrees is not an Arsenal fan.We have no divine right to win anything. All you idiots need to remember that before Arsene, we were a really small club even smaller than Tottenham. Once all you AAA fans fuck off, the club will get its true fans back, who will support the club only because of Wenger.

    • Me

      Just because you can afford the most costly league match ticket in Europe doesn’t make you any more of a fan. And, why exactly are you bringing up “before Arsene”? Are you saying we should go back to being mediocre? While we watch, while we have grown our resources & assets (thanks to your ticket purchases), while we have had an “Invincibles” side, while we have won doubles?

      That “we have no divine right to win anything” attitude is what is allowing the players to slack. Support i.e. also include constructive crticism, push the players to see that they can do more. Man U vs Bayern 1999 UCL final (I know many will stop reading here) but if Man U believed they didn’t have the right to win they would have never got 2 injury time goals. “AMBITION IS PRICELESS”-Wale (ft Rick Ross & Meek Mill). And you clearly lack that…LOL “right to win” you make me laugh. What the f^&% is that? Had Bradford believed that they have no right…let me say no more.

    • http://allarsenal.com Josif

      I have just one question to all AKBs out there:

      would you give me a job at your company? I would love to work for you.

      I would be the best employee ever for 7 years.

      I would win you over and over with my brilliant remarks, analysis and abilities to notice things others can’t.

      Then, after I become the one of the most paid people in your job, I would give you 8 years of less successful work with constant excuses why we didn’t reach our goals or explanations why our goals are, in fact, reached despite you think otherwise.

      I would be as tight as possible when it comes to spending company’s money unless it is my wage that is being paid.

      I would try to spare money even if it means we wouldn’t pay raise for a hard-working employee that has been offered higher wage elsewhere.

      I would even do my best to sell our biggest asset to our rival company in order to raise some funds for your dividends.

      You would love me and pay my massive wage even if your company would decline to the lower heights it was before I came.

  • http://allarsenal.com don

    the 5 steps are correct,but are ment to 6,the one you forgot is the most crucial,suck AW! he’s lost all attributes of a quality manager.we dont need strikers,podolski,walcott n giroud can lead the line,especially podolski! the gact that he’s never been used as one in arsenal shows that AW plans to fail,he is a house hold name in football n is known for his scoring prowess,n has come from the most competitive league,bundesliga.dont blame the board,AW is taking us for fools,he’s the one who decides not to buy n puts as in bad situations.this season even after selling song,gazidis stated that there is money to replace him,even stated to get mvilla if AW wanted,knowing when shit hits the fan he’ll be blamed,but,AW clearly stated,we have so many midfielders n we need not replace song.we the fans knowing very well no one in the team has qualities of a DM.if theo should be sold! fans should boycott games for they’re taking gunners expenditure n commitment for a joke!

  • Ray

    U call us plastic fans, but bottomline remains Wenger has lost, change is inefitable, he had his day but if arsenal score only 4 goal 2 being penalties in 6game that must be real embarrassment

  • http://allarsenal.com don

    true fan ? right! all of us are die hards,the club has stepped on a banana peel n its on its way down,shit! it hasen’t even hit the ground,so if you have a wenger shrine! too bad,we don’t idolise him but accept n appreciate his impact,thats why he’s immortolised outside the stadium with other greats like henry n adams,but him n his ideas have now become obsolete n he just needs to go,he’s the banana peel.rozaro! you have valid points,but,the buck starts from the head,AW has lost character! fight! winning mentality! motivation! discipline! n worst of them all AMBITION! its cleary seen in his face,thats even before annalysing his team.the team is strong with afew hitches,but,the manager has become tactically inept! if we all breath arsenal n are adent followers of all proceedings,lets call a spade a spade,AW’s time’s up! n the club is bigger than him,he shouldn’t be bigger than the club.

    • Gunner

      Agree that AW’s time is up. His tactics sucks. He doesn’t know how to deal with teams that ‘park the bus’ except to say that they defended very well. We have heard that a hundred times in the last 7 years. How come almost every lesser team defends well against Arsenal? How come every keeper of lesser teams plays well against Arsenal? So as a ‘shit hot’ manager, how do you get your players to deal with situations like that? How come he never seems to learn from his mistakes? The answers has not been forthcoming for 7 years! There’s no denying that he has had his glorious years, but he has nothing else to contribute. He has proven that for the last 7 years.

  • http://imamuddeen4u@yahoo.com imamu mohammed umar

    Fabianski Djouru Squillaci Arshavin Ramsey Gervinho Chammakh Santos out let us replace these players and we will be ok.

    • Kevin

      But first of all we must get rid of the man who brought this rubbish to Arsenal ……… Wenger must go before he wastes more money on average trash!!!


    I like the way you protect Wenger in a very subtle way. Yeah right blame the players I bet they forgot to say hey coach we need to practise penalties. You talk about Players that need to be sold we have a long sh%t list starting with Wenger, Gazidis, Hillwood, Kroenke, then we have Fabianski, Squillachi, Djourou, Santos, Yennaris,Coquelin,Frimpong,Ramsey,Diaby and Rosicky (injury prone hardly play),Gervinho,Arshavin,Bendtner,Chamak,Denilson,Park.

    Just imagine what could happen if we sold the sh%t list put 4 million pounds on each players head you get 64 million pounds. Next step get rid of Wenger, and get a good replacement. Take the 70 million pounds in the coffers add it to 64 million and you got R134 million pounds to spend. JUST IMAGINE!!!!
    BUT No !! that won’t happen> WHY?
    Arsenal equalize and the AKB’s start chanting Arsenal is the best club in the world. Delusion filled with mediocrity and a lot of brainwashed idiots who can’t see the light. All of them were out yesterday saying how we turned it around against West Brom. Where are they now? They gave Wenger and the board the power to to mess up the team. Damn Wengerites!!!

  • gooneray

    Be embarassed by these kind of defeats. Saying they are not embarassed about losing to Bradford shows we have a total lack of passion for Arsenal within our club starting with Wenger. He took a GREAT defensive Arsenal team on then bought attacking players to complement them. Since he himself has bought defenders he has won nothing. This tells me everything. We need to get our defenders from lower leagues. Buy BRITISH with passion to play for us. When do you see any player shouting orders at others NEVER!!!! Then I won’t get started on Zonal marking. When you give six foot five inch players get a run up from the 18 yard box to attack our five foot ten defenders who line up on the 6 yard box and then have to jump from standing start. Its loading a gun for them but then hope they cant shoot straight. To me Wenger has to go Chelsea sack their manager if things dont go right for 4 or 5 games. We keep ours when he has been a loser for 7 years. Why cause he makes them money. We have become a joke!!!!! Really annoyed fan

  • Breezy

    I am a big fan if Ramsey, but I do think that a loan is probably best for all concerned. He needs to go to a club where he can play week in week out in his favored position and regain some confidence. Maybe a Soton or Reading ? As for Gervinho well I think AW needs to admit that he made a mistake and off load him, problem is like most of our flops he’s on a huge contract, so that in itself will be difficult. Finally, I see many have asked for AW to be sacked,. I have never been part of that brigade, but AW seems unable to turn around our bad form which pretty much stretches back to that Norwich game and that is worrying. If there is all this money that Gazidis says there is then maybe now is the time for a new manager, question is will we the fans give him the time to build the team after all the previous years of failure?

    • Kevin

      If we can give Wenger 8 years, we can understand the problems for a new manager and give him the time he needs!

  • Mickeyk

    Sack wenger .stop buying season tickets you mugs your killing arsenal .the board are getting as much money out of arsenal as t hey can. there going to run arsenal into the ground .walcots gone they will make excuses untill his sold .fighting relegation soon .should have sacked wenger years ago .kronke OUT.arsenal are shit

  • AlphaDog

    Wenger must be sacked. Enough is enough!
    Yes-he was brilliant for us in the past and still does nice moves financially
    but at the end of the day you need to win trophies and it’s been 8! Yes 8! Years of pain and disappointment …
    Wenger doesn’t have what it takes anymore for arsenal. A huge change is a must!
    There are enough great managers out there: dortmunds klopp, pep, etc…
    Furthermore, whoever the manager is, he must buy a new top top class CB because the truth is vermalen, koscielny, mertesacker are not good enough.. Someone like mats hummels…
    We also need a top RB as Sagna is and never was top class. A new top GK is needed too as well as a striker and an ATTACKING MIDFIELDER to replace awful Gervinho.
    A real Defensive Midfielder would be nice too.

    Podolski. Walcott
    Santi Cazorla

    Wilshere. Fellaini

    Gibbs. Vermaelen. Hummels Richards


    Bench: Czezney, koscielny, Arteta ,Ramsey, Nani, Ox, Giroud

    But first—- get rid of wenger and Arsenal will be out to a fresh and better path! With trophies!

  • Mickeyk

    Arsenal need a new team

    • Kevin

      But Wenger brought them all in ….so all you would get is more rubbish if he replaces them!

      The first thing must be to replace Wenger then let the new man sort out the crud!

      The new manager must not be the yes man Wenger has proved to be, it would take a manager with a very strong character to take on our board!!

  • Kevin

    Wenger is completely dillusional and has lost touch with reality.

    To not come out and rip the hell out of this bunch of overpaid losers shows that he has no idea what he is doing.

    I for one do not want him to have any money to spend in January…..otherwise we will probably end up with more Wenger bargin buys who will only add more dross to the already dismal lot (Wilshire and Cazorla are excluded from this comment). I would not be a bit surprised to see walcott sold to ManU and us get Nani in his place… it’s the sort of deal Wenger would do, and we would end up with a washed out Utd cast off!

    I know people are scared of life after Wenger, but things can hardly get much worse and to be honest the football under Wenger now is stale and boring, so any change will be good….but what manager of any sorts would want to come to our club with what he would have to work with and with a board who’s aim is to make money not to be succesful on the pitch…not many who are any good that is!!

    It’s a cold long hard season, which will end up with us firmy out of europe!

  • Mickeyk

    The board will never leave not with next years tv money they will be happy to just stay in the premier and have the mugs buy thier season tickets

  • Wezik96

    This is time that i’ll never get back.sheer waste of time.every arsenal fan is now an expact tactician.and where is the loyalty? Supporting your team no matter what? And i think coquelin was amazing.so maybe we were watching different games…up gunners

  • Dom

    Personnally I think Walcott should be sold. He has not been proven to be a top player to warrant a huge wage packet. His attitude stinks in my opinion, he’s just another Nasri, Van Persie, Adebeyor, Clichy etc…. We need commited players who don’t kick up a fuss where they play. Commitment has been the thing that has crippled this club in recent years. Walcott should go so we can bring in a real striker who actually has the ability to play up front on his own and score goals, not some paultry pretender.

    Our midfield needs depth, Cazorla, Wilshire, Arteta our first choice three then we have Ramsey, Rosicky, Diaby when fit and Coquilan. We need to add to this midfield and take away the shattered glass that haunts our squad. Diaby is a top player but his fragility is letting us down and could cause us to miss out on regaining Champions League status (however it could be the kick in the nuts this team needs). I think we should bring in M’villa and Eriksen/Sneijder to bring much needed quality to our side.

    Looking at our central defensive pair, compare them to Real Madrids, Barca’s, Juventus, Man U etc… We might as well already be in the Europa league or worse. We need a top quality defender to bring stability to our shaky back line. Subotic, Rami, Albiol, Hummels, Howedes etc… Should be top of the list.

    Then to our forwards. We have recently been linked with Zaha. Zaha in my opinion is a great player with great ability but is he just another Theo/ Gervinho. We need a true winger who can cross the ball and create things in midfield, like Oxlade did against West Brom. Jesus Navas, Nani, Gotze, Fegouli are the type of players in talking about.
    Giroud need a partner/ back up/ alternate. Huntelaar or Demba Ba enough said. Cheap, quality players.

  • Kevin
  • Kevin
  • gardiancho

    We all know that wenger will leave sooner than later but he will leave. I dont think that wenger is the biggest problem, for me is the board.

    The best think for us to do is to go to protest for sucking the board and usmanov or kroenko to take the team and invest money to the club. After the season wenger to step up and give him some roll to the club, and find new manager.


  • maende

    does wenger have the brain to read and understand all these? the board is the problem, and wenger comes next. wenger learn from Furgie, he buys players in Premier league and they do well, why does wenger like maroun chamakar, and Ramsey Govinho. these guys are not arsenal materials not even Bradford’s. Your board Mr. wenger will force you to be buchored off your head like sadam.