Vela: Arsenal have a clause to buy me back

| February 17, 2013 | 7 Comments


Carlos Vela refuses to rule out a return to his former employers as the Mexican international is still being scouted by the Gunners.

Vela was sold to Real Sociedad in the summer after failing to break into the Arsenal first team despite his huge potential, and according to the striker Wenger inserted a buy-back clause (reportedly £3.5m) and they could choose to activate it if his fine form continues.

Vela reportedly said, when asked about a potential return to Arsenal:

I don’t rule it out.

They have a clause to buy me back – you put that in the contract for a reason. I don’t know if anything will happen, it is out of my hands, but I know Arsenal have come to see my games.

The Mexican has netted nine goals in 21 this season and five assists and last campaign he netted twelve, he seems to have found some form and has sorted his priorities.

Rumours were that Vela partied too often and failed to focus solely on football while at Arsenal. But now he has matured and is starting to realize his potential. The skillful forward netted some emphatic goals while at Arsenal, and started to make a habit of the Messi-esk chip over the goalkeeper.

The 23-year-old also failed to live up to expectations in England due to his small physic but nevertheless he has developed into a hit in Spain.

Once he has gained more experience the little Mexican has the ability to be a top striker. Similarly to Walcott, he could adjust to the physical nature of English football and be a destructive centre forward.

So should he be brought back to Arsenal? If a deal eventuates I certainly won’t have an qualms. He clearly can finish, has plenty of skill and speed. He just requires more experience to improve his movement off the ball in the centre forward role… So why not?

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  • Roland C Rozario

    I will certainlly urge Wenger to take Vela back in place of Gervinho!!!
    Postionally Vela is better and he has that technique that qualifies him to be a true blood Gunner!

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  • Lazarus

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  • mike kanvi

    my son stay where u are, there is mad dog disease at d emirates now, health officers r trying 2bring it under control. may take dem several advice ‘stay where u are’

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  • david

    Just another average player

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  • afc

    at least even with his height he may be more visable on the pitch then giroud. Giroud is useless without theo, lukas and santi i cant believe this guy is the spearehead of arsenal’s attack on his own he ain’t threatening no defence. Gervinivho is a bean head he needs to take that thing of his head so he can see what the f he’s doing has no one at arsenal mentioned this to him?

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  • Scott

    First, olivier giroud is d laziest striker football has ever known, n as 4 me gervinho is nt a footballer. Carlos needs a yr more 2 mature then he can b brought back 2 d emirates. He’s(vela) a good striker buh still needs more time n strenght 2 fit into the english style of play.

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  • Michael Fournier

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