Report: Gunners sign record Puma Kit deal for 2014 onwards [picture]

| May 8, 2013 | 10 Comments

According to the Mirror, Arsenal have agreed the most lucrative football kit deal in England with Puma.

They are reportedly set to earn up to £170m in total in the £30m-a-year, five year contract, beating Liverpool’s £25m-a-year contract with Warrior Sports.

The Gunners recently signed a £150m five year shirt sponsorship deal with Emirates, which includes the stadium naming rights, and that coupled with the new reported Puma deal will certainly give Arsene Wenger the ability to splash out in the summer to invest in the squad.

The new kit deal will take some time until any official confirmation comes to light, with current dealers Nike still manufacturing next seasons strip. The American merchandising giants have decided not to renew their contract with a high asking price for the Gunners the likely culprit.

The Mirror reported a source close to Nike said:

Nike were keen to work with Arsenal, keen to keep it going, but not at any price.


It was thought Adidas were leading the chase with images released in March of proposed designs however they have since pulled out of the deal which has opened the door for Puma to swoop in and launch a big money offer.

Here are some images of potential kit designs that have been leaked around the net:




The report is purely speculation at present, however it would be a huge financial boost for the Gunners if they manage to land such a lucrative deal. I was far more excited about the prospect of Adidas becoming the manufacturers once again as their aesthetic is classy, simple and often retro, whereas it would certainly take awhile to get used to seeing a Puma on my sleeve.

What are your thoughts about the potential deal? Maybe it will give Nike a kick up the backside and make them come back with an even greater offer..


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  • D1

    I don’t mind Puma. I think they make some pretty decent kits (Dortmund, Italia) and almost all of the adidas kits are the same except for the team colours. So if they are the new kit suppliers, I ‘ll be the first in line. Much rather have them than Warrior or Under Armour.

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  • Psalm.

    The sound of that seems pretty good considering the worth and design.

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  • Jon

    Former junk the latter is the best!

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  • koris Abaka

    Is not a bad one

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  • dimeji ako

    i think its beautiful @least for a change. who knows, our fortune might change as well

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  • Daniel Eviano

    Puma do make nice jerseys (cote’d Voire) nd like D1 listed.., for me any would do as long as the money is good, nd ‘IF’., if wenger use the funds on players nd trophies…. I’d wear PUMA..!

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  • Not Bad

    I like the brand new Urugay shirt, would look great in Arsenal colours. Someone photoshop that one please.
    Sad that we have to wait one more season.

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  • Danish Gooner

    Puma are heads and shoulders above Nike design wise.Nike are not interested in Arsenal because we are second rate and have treated us fans as second rate,good luck Puma fuck Nike.

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  • Nike

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