Suarez in an Arsenal shirt [picture]

| July 8, 2013 | 20 Comments


With the recent outrageous reports suggesting Arsenal have bid for Liverpool’s controversial Luis Suarez, we took to photoshop to see what the striker would look like in an Arsenal shirt.

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Luis ‘Cannibal’ Suarez in an Arsenal shirt:

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  1. Nice Idea 4 Arsenal

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  2. Wenger should b sincere with d $118m given 2 him by the management of the club.spend more money to buy good player and win moro trophies for the club and fans.The fact remain that arsenal fc fans are rily tired of all seasons trophyless, hence there should b a way foward

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  3. steve says:

    no wonder suarez wants to move abroad with writers such as your self taking things to far with over he top pics, very distasteful

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  5. nicky says:

    His right hand doesn’t seem very sunburnt.

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  6. Marv says:

    Do u guyz really hve 2 mock him.its true wat steve said u guyz are really ignorant of his feelins datz d reason he doesn’t care about wat he does anymore.

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    • Fuwee says:

      These writers should not even be allowed to post anything. Clearly they aren’t qualified. Garbage is all they can with that simple brain of theirs. Those shit they come up with affects the lives of others and some are truly innocent. These irresponsible writers should be made accountable or these will never stop.

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  7. Mjw says:

    To all those bagging the tastefulness of the image – maybe Suarez should think twice before chomping on Ivanovic! Just banter kids, just banter

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  8. olat says:


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  9. Chuks says:

    Lol, Really funny Suarez in an arsenal shirt pix. But I really would want to see him @ arsenal come next season.

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  10. Alex says:

    Seriously shut up about him being upset with the stuff people say.u see people saying shit about loads of other players and they dont go around taking up caninlisim do u?fuck this guy hes a scumbag i dont want him at the club

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  11. Moses Watasa says:

    This Suarez story sounds planted – by the likes of Ivan Gazidis to divert scrutiny from on-going ridiculous attempts by Arsenal to hand an “impotent” Manager, Arsene Wenger, a new (undeserved) contract. If it’s true that Arsenal are willing to spend this much, there is a 24-year-old live-wire, Robert Lewandowski (at Borrusia Dortmund) who Arsenal could get for less than 30 million pounds. Dortmund, having already sold mid-field maestro, Mario Gotze to Bayern, are reluctant to lose another star to their Bundesliga rivals this summer. Lewandowski has a season left on his contract, meaning Dortmund can do business with Arsenal – a team from the EPL. So Wenger and Gazidis MUST drop this tasteless hood-winking of Arsenal fans with a Suarez hoax – and get to serious transfer business. Besides, the Uruguayan “cannibal” stated that he’s pushing for a transfer from Liverpool to get away from a “hostile” English press. So, when did North London (the home of Arsenal FC) cease being part of England?!

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  12. ray says:

    Am getting fade up with constant media speculations on Arsenal tran7fer issues and dire unseriousness being displayed towards the whole issue by wenger and co.

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  13. Mosera says:

    Arsenal needs to sign someone

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  14. Izuchukwu Okosi says:

    Moses Watasa, I don’t know you before but I’m impressed by your articulate, wise contribution. I’m a Nigerian journalist. Get in touch on Facebook

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  15. ouzhenyang says:


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  16. Antique Gunmen says:

    Man, he’s look hungry for flesh. Good job. Nice photoshop. But, I think you forget to add a mouth mask. You now, the thing that Hannibal Lecter wear on Silence of Lambs. It will be more cheerfull and Luis will look more handsome without showing his cannibal teeth.

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