Chambers the new Emmanuel Petit?

| July 28, 2014 | 5 Comments

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It looks like Calum Chambers is being groomed to be the next Emmanuel Petit if Wenger’s comments are anything to go by when describing Chamber’s versatility. Jan Vertonghen of Tottenham refused to join Arsenal because he heard Wenger wanted to make him a defensive midfielder and he did not believe he was agile enough.

Emmanuel Petit was moved by Wenger from the back to become a very good defensive midfielder and form an incredible partnership with Patrick Viera. The official Arsenal website has described his inch perfect crosses from back to front as his trade mark, ‘unlocking defenses with razor-sharp accuracy’.

Calum Chambers has it in his locker to succeed where Vertonghen was afraid of failing. He seems to have similar attributes to Emmanuel Petit. He has the height to defend against teams that like to play long balls, good passing range and he is very agile.

Chambers is obviously one for the future and will probably play in the League cup and FA cup as he provides cover for Debuchy as Wenger tries to protect him from too much media attention although considering the amount of money Arsenal have spent to bring Chambers to the club, it is possible Wenger is already confident Chambers has the talent to fit in immediately into the first team.

Of course if Chambers is to play in midfield, it will be at the expense of Mikel Arteta whose positioning remains as excellent as ever although he lacks the pace to keep up with quick players. Wenger obviously does not believe Flamini is the answer to the defensive midfield position. He is a tenacious, tough tackling midfielder but his distribution leaves a lot to be desired. He is perfect as back up especially when protecting a lead but Arsenal require a defensive midfielder who has a fast transition from defense to attack. With Flamini’s poor distribution and Arteta’s lack of pace, Chambers might be introduced to the first team lineup sooner rather than later.

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  • ferro

    I dont think we will see him playing dm all that often. Id imagine hes going to play along the back line, similar to verm. Switching from cm, rb, cb, and maybe even lb will make him jack of no trades. Ideally youd want him suited with two positions… in my opinion.

  • http://test P

    Exactly my thoughts. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the DM role. Would be massive “gamble” though

  • Steve of Chiang Mai

    Should Khedira come in Chambers will be entering the prime years as Sami is looking for his final big payday elsewhere…just thinking.

  • Hodor

    This will be interesting season.

    Whether Southampton players that moved on will match their expectations or have they overachieved?

    Whether Pochettino made them overachieved or they are truly stars.

    Hopefully both.

  • Mike Hunt

    The only grooming is by Wenger the pedo you gunner pussios.