Abou Diaby deserves Respect: Wenger

| September 23, 2014 | 6 Comments

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Abou Diaby has been at Arsenal for over eight years. Since his transfer from the French Ligue 1 side Auxerre, he has been a faithful servant of Arsenal, racking up a total of 179 appearances. But the midfielder is sadly injury prone, and has spent a lot of time on the sidelines. This is especially true of the past few seasons.

Over the past three seasons, Diaby has made only 16 appearances in the League, and last year he played in only a single game. As such, he is often the target of criticism and jokes from both fans and outsiders alike. But manager Arsene Wenger feels that he is misunderstood.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Wenger said:

He is a giant, mentally, to do what he has done. With the severe injuries he has had, he comes back every time and is dedicated.

I am a huge believer in his quality and I am sad that he couldn’t show it more. If there is some justice, the future will be much better for him.

Diaby is set to return from his most recent injury, an ACL tear, in today’s fixture against Southampton. Wenger has already said he will use quite a few non regulars in the team, and as such it is a perfect opportunity for Diaby to test himself. He has already played a full 90 minute game last week, for the Arsenal Under 21’s, and was an unused substitute against Aston Villa.

The 28 year old has given his best years to Arsenal and has evidently impressed Wenger, who said that he had nothing but respect for the player and the way he kept coming back despite all the injuries. As such, maybe we should hope that today’s game is a good one for the Frenchman.

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  • Howard

    I mean really, respect?
    Pocketing wages weekly and getting injured? You think Diaby will still be here if not injured? He would’ve gone to City by now; where it has become abode for Arsenal French players.

    If not French, Diaby would’ve been shipped out by now. To be given 5 years contract when AW knew he was injury prone tells it all.

    Tell me what club or company will retain such an employee?
    You think Diaby is loyal? Its only injury that has made him loyal, ‘cos he needs the weekly wages. He wears Spurs’ shirt at home.

  • nicky

    A disgraceful attack on a player whose boots you are not worthy to even clean.
    Its people like you who do not understand that loyalty works both ways.
    Diaby has never failed to try his best for Arsenal on the field and Arsene has repaid with 100% faith that he has much to offer still.
    If he plays tonight and does well, it will be despite the ill wishes of creeps like you, who only enjoy spewing criticism of manager and players alike.
    Ou great Club ha no need of you or your kind.

    • doc wally

      diaby is a dork! He has eaten from our plates for far too long. We have better and more capable players sitting on the bench. He has burdened us for far too long and should have joined his french mates glichy,Nasri and co elsewhere1


    I understand that the arsenal as a club allow the injury ones to be tested for the game today between arsenal and southampton as stated above, with the kind of ways Arsene wenger am always appreciate understood the policy put on to the players and that is way coach support to behave to his players and same time players have same believe for the coach too, that what made me love arsenal team because they leave as one family also as a player learn how to take for your mistake in the field playing the match or on training ground this is where some one will gain a lot momentum. I always wish them best luck of the season.

  • nicky

    @doc the Wally,
    I await your silly contribution being “hidden due to low comment rating”.

  • Howard

    Diaby is a waste of Arsenal resources
    Arsenal is not a charity club; dishing out wages for free.
    179 games in 9 years? What club will tolerate this giveaway?

    But for injuries, he will be playing for Man City